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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

I saw somewhere the 4 methods of conversion to islam.. One is talk another is scripture and the third is a warning.. The 4th is by the sword..
There was a tape played on the tv news a few years ago showing bin laden pointing to a page in there quran where it says to destroy the towers in the west and jihad on non believers. This was after 9/11
The mafia had a intrist in Afghanistan’s drugs which they had a cheeper price.
Bin laden did not like us occupation in somola. And the Taliban did not like us interfering with the drug business in Afghanistan.
These are just a few reasons for 9/11. But the real reason is jihad on christens. . Under the guise of the other reasons. Then when the usa retaliated terrorist say usa started a holey war. When the fact is they the terrorist needed a excuse to attack Christians without being accused of starting a holey war..
Yet the mafia may have liked what happened on 9/11 because of drugs being harder to get in the east. Or maybe had part in the 9/11 attack. My thinking is there had to be a partly inside job.
Look at the drug war going on at the Mexican border. This is what I see from 9/11 to now
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