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Default Re: Freemasons and One World Government - Quotes please

I hope you don't mind me pulling this quote from the other thread.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I think it's really strange that since Albert Pike, a freemason, wrote the blueprint for the OWO and you denounce the OWO and Albert Pike was a Freemason and, so too, are you, that your signature line contains an Albert Pike quote.

Seems somewhat hypocritical, don't you think?
Which writings does he speak of a one world government? Maybe I missed that writings of his. And also, Albert Pike doesn't speak for all of Freemasonry, just the Scottish Rite. Plus, its a good quote, IMO.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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