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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

Originally Posted by madkhao View Post
I am so far behind that can't even bring myself to have a best guess.

I'm sure you all have contemplated the question at least once in your lives, what was the best answer you could come up with?
The answer is to face life with tragic courage. Why tragic? Because we will all perish and all our works, dreams and hopes will crumble to so much dust. So yes, we awake evey day knowing that Death awaits to annihilate us all.
I have no illusions. No one will remember me a hundred, a thousand or even a million years hence. But, if die I must, then I can at least choose how I will die. I can choose to go out in a blaze of glory, fist raised in defiance, or go out like a dog, whimpering. I, for myself, choose to die defiant.
In other words, I want to die on my feet and not on my knees like a dog.

But another part, for me, is life is about defining that vast space between birth and extinction. For my part, I am led by the winds of inspiration, chasing the will'o wisp of inspiration and hoping that the energy, ecstasy and power of that inspiration can be channeled through me. I an see no higher calling but to be a conduit of that inspiration, and hopefully, perhaps pass the flame of ecstasy over to another person.
In that sense, I want to be a source of catharsis, giving voice and expression to the emotions and thoughts of the masses. Too often the outcast, the marginalized and the alienated have been left voiceless. I can only hope that if there is a God or a Higher Power(s), that He or Them grant me the ability and words to express that.
I don't know if there is a God or Gods or not. Doesn't really matter, I suppose. All I know is that people need a voice, and those with the most to say but the least ability to say it needs someone to take the lead and express it. I hope that I can be a conduit of that catharsis, and hopefully the alienated and social outcasts will feel that I express what they feel .

If I do that, anything and everything that happens is fine.
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