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Default Educational Movies About the Homosexual Threat

These videos are sort of old, but they provide good information for children to avoid the evil mance of homosexuals. Now, I know the Sickular Inhumanist crowd and the demonic Atheist crowd won't like it, but back in the day before the madness of Sickular InHumanism and Atheism started sapping the moral strength of America, these films provided education to America's youth to avoid these peop

This is a video called "Boys Beware"

Please ignore the anachronism of these. Because society is so twisted, perverted and depraved, they no longer make these enlightening videos to protect our youth from these moral reprobates. The only thing is I wish in some of these videos they were more discrete in their discussion of sexual matters. Also please ignore the ridiculous xylophone.

This is for Christians who are possessed by a demon of homosexuality:

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