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Default Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men

My Views:
The story on males and females, according to me:

Life as it currently is, since our ancestors being vanquished,
unknown how long ago, where, what, how,who,when and why...
Since then, however - here we are.

Life, as it currently is, is more "man-made" than a natural state.
As far as us males go, it doesn't matter upfront.
However, females are more "concerned" on this count, than us males, are.

Up front, females were made for males, more so, than
males were made for females.
This is an "artificial" existence, more so, than natural - to us.
Like I said, it doesn't matter to the males BUT females are more concerned.

Males and Females:
obviously, males were made to be in charge, females were made to
say things like - "yes m'lord".

Instead of "complying" females have "gained" the upper hand.

Males, continue to be males, throughout the "life-cycle".
Females, have changes:
up to 14 years old - females are interested in males
at 15 they go through some-kind of "transition"
at 16 they are on a different course to around the end of child bearing years
at 35 or so and up - who knows "where" they are (?).

Looking at Females from a "Nature" Perspective:
It's obvious to us males, that females have a more "physical"
involvement with bringing "new life" into the world, than we males do.
Females are probably "closer" to Nature than us males are.

Females can be "likened" to - the Black Widow Spider.
If they can "do us in", they will.

As things are, females cannot see us males, anywhere suitably enough.

Females have the upper hand, they are pretty-well in charge,
and they don't want to be in charge, not "really" anyway.

Bottom Line:
If we males, cannot manage things - from our ends,
the females - will eventually - be the end of us.

Females, seem to be, more "concerned" with:
the species being able to survive, in "already" now, ways.

Males, seem to be, more willing, to give - AS IS - a go.

We males, are more useful, to life being, than females are.

The above is the way - it looks - up front.

We males, have to fight the females AND win.
Us males, loosing out to the females, is not an option, for us.

Currently females are making "mince-meat" of us.
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