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Default Re: "Why don't you spiritually stop raping me."

"When it comes to the public good, politeness is for fools". John Raulston Saul - The Doubters Companion

Come back Mary. It's all good.

I tone down my stuff. Believe it or should here me when i get going in real life.

I do try and respect to a point that people here do not want every second word to be "fuck off".

Some people here believe we should'nt get angry at all...that some how anger is a mental illness and personal slanging matches detrimental to fighting the NWO...the day i cant let loose on someone is the day i'm pondering that notion from a re-education camp.

The philosophical foundation of the NWO is to tolerate EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Stand for nothing. Be cool, rational, detached. Never draw a line in the sand.

As for keeping the religious stuff nice and cleanly in the back room of some specific forum. I dont believe in "Secularism"...religion is like the air, you need to breath it.

I'm personally disapointed that no one has condemned me to fair!

Sincerely, come back Mary...leave the "leaving" threats to me.
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