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Default Re: Most Dangerous Vide on the 'net (take the red pill)

This video points to the established world around as farmers of people.

What will changing things from the populace entail?
I dunno: maybe his free book downloads in pdf offer additional info.
I have downloaded them, just now, haven't read them yet.

Current "governments" are of the opinion that
people cannot be "free" to be their selves,
as in: Life aught naught to be able to - freely become.
I am of the opinion that this "concept" of governments around,
goes back further in time than present day generally would think.
Like - way back - to this side of things be - or - we wouldn't be.

We are well nowhere in sight of being able to take it from - in the streets.

Even "if" we were to - what you could call - set things right:
what - makes us think - that will do it - from then on?

Chances are, that the surface "appearance" of anything like that -
would succumb - to a "resurgence" of - restoring order - like before.

Looks like:
we would have to find a way of - integrating - from now to when.(?)

Present day minds, could very well "see", what's being said,
but - we would be met with "resistance" - more than - we are aware of.

Life freely becoming - is nowhere in sight.
Such "life" to be - is well beaten down to our - conscious level - is what's left.
Everything else - in addition to us - is being used against us. Inside and out.
They have us - in their - foreign control.
They simply "inundate" us with -
where are - the answers "already" - that we wouldn't have.
Answers alone - would not even be - good enough.

there would not - be any such thing - as - not reverting.

Chances are:
that "our" - bringing these things to the forefront,
is just - the established around - "gutting" it - from us.
Talk is cheap - Talk is dead.
People in the streets - and - the established around -
are not of the same "minds".

Even "if" - we can think of these things -
we - don't have a clue - to bringing about.

Unlikely, that there is a "transition", anywhere - upfront.

Ourselves and the established around - are not on - the same side.
It would be "us" - against them.
Most people "around" us - would not be - with us.

Who are "us" - nevermind - "who" wants - what "we" want?

There would - still - have to be - an order - about everyone.
This is the - stumbling block - of - established order about.

Currently - established order around -
(which goes further than - this physical world - that we see)
has all but - blatantly - declared itself - different of - life - freely becoming.

Life - freely becoming - is where it "must have" - all started from.
Life - freely becoming - is all but - blatantly - extant.

There would still have to be an order about.
That order about - cannot be ran - from - in the street.

Nobody - is going to - elect - such order about.

That - order about - will have to - manage - on its' own.

That "order about" even though, it would be for - freeing us,
would be - up against - most of us.
Most of "us" - would be allied - as established around - already would have it.

As far as this side of things go, this has been going on,
since - time immemorial.
Life - freely becoming - is already - on its' last legs.

Already established around - is not even "interested" -
in "life" - freely becoming.
We are at - opposite ends - to the extreme.
They already are - we have yet to - even start.
Nevermind - we are - what's left - and - we are - down to - a conscious level.

Nevermind - life - freely becoming - must have - been there - done that.
Nevermind - you won't - find that - in this planets' - recorded history.
Where is the history of it all - if all the history is here?
There's a lot of - this is the "beginning" around.
What makes you think - this - isn't the "ending"?

When it comes to:
knowing things - pertaining to ourselves -
out there already are - says it "knows, nothing".
We are "covered" every ping of the way.
How can it be - that they do not know?
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