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what is all this talk of no evidence. fbi found a letter from bin laden in a terrorist motel room ordering the terrorist to do what he is there for. they all were found to be terrorist after 9/11. and millions of new yorkers saw them fly into the wtc buildings. there was a tape played on the news showing bin laden pointing to a page in there qurin as to the reason for 9/11. and the reason was the page sead that the towers in the west must be destroyed. and if you surf the net now you will find all kinds of hate sites that hate america. islams 4 methods of conversion are one-talk.. 2-scripture.. 3-a warning.. 4-by the sword..dont look for a logical reason for the 9/11 attack because there isent any. it was from superstition of islam and hate of america. we are looking in the wrong places.. lets see if anyone can find the reason for there hate of america. and it will be just as lame as the reason for 9/11
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