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Default Who - What, Is Society? (questions)

Who is Society?
Society: is each and every one of us.

Where are we?
We aren't anywhere there.

What is Society?
Society is all around us.
Seems to be the "settled-in" established way about.

Where is Society?
Society appears to be, where-ever we gather together.

When did Society become?
Society has "always" been there.

Why is Society there?
Society is there - outside of us.
We come out from ourselves - into it.
Society - brings us out from ourselves - into the world around us.

How is Society?
Unlikely - that we are - how it is.
Supposedly - it's each and every one of us.

Do we "really" see ourselves in Society?

Should we be able to see ourselves in Society?

What do we see Society is?

Society seems to be the world around us.
We carry on in the world around us - as the world around us - would have it.
There is no "bucking" established Society.
We mostly tag along.

Out around us, we see, set trends, already there.

For the most part, we have no "output" to it.
Where are we - in it all - if we - are nowhere there?

We are not being - developed about - in ourselves.

We are being - developed about - out away from ourselves.

We become there - like they want us to be.

Why do the customs of the world
dating from way back in history
persist with us, to this very day?

How is it that there is "such longevity" to these customs of ours?

Is there something else, in our set ways about,
that has such longevity, as these customs of ours?

How did they - hit the spot - from way back then - to this very day?

With all the coming and going of whatever has been,
why have these "customs", not come and gone?.

How is it, that we can be guided, from so long ago?

Do we see them as knowing more than us?

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