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Default Re: Who - What, Is Society? (questions)

Who is Society?
Those who are seen.

Where are we?
We are between the seen and unseen.

What is Society?
Society is a fragile structure.

Where is Society?
Society is located between the greenlights.

When did Society become?
Society became when travelling arrived.

Why is Society there?
Society is there to validate the conscious.

How is Society?
It is naught.

Do we "really" see ourselves in Society?
Collectively and unconsciously, yes. Consciously, no. Both exist and existence is of the mind which creates the observation.

Should we be able to see ourselves in Society?
Only with one self, yes. With two selves, no. That would be far too dangerous, thus we must recuse our recluse.

What do we see Society is?
I see it as a collective of ideals formulated between the spheres of conjugal neural transmissions.
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