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Default Re: "Fossil Fuel" Theory - About To Become Endangered.

Are We Running Out of Oil?

George Crispin | May 3 2005

It is a complicated subject, but now I am familiar with the two theories of the origin of petroleum, the conventional one that assumes that oil is biogenic, originating as plant and animal matter and the other, that it is abiogenic, it or its raw material having been formed with the earth when it was formed 4.5 billion years ago.

My learning curve began several years ago with a short article that described the oil field beneath the Eugene 330 oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. I lost the clipping but did not forget the story of a dried up oil well that was refilling itself. This spring when I found a new discussion of Eugene 330, essentially describing the same conditions, my original conclusions of a mantle filled with or manufacturing petroleum were reinforced, leading to the conclusion that the world’s supply of oil was essentially limitless But by now the Peak Oil people were out in force and desperate to prove that we are due to run out of oil soon, and must prepare ourselves for war and/or starvation. This led me to:

C. Maurice and C. Smithson, Doomsday Mythology: "Every ten or fifteen years since the late 1800’s (when we began using petroleum) ‘experts’ have predicted that oil reserves would last only ten more years. These ‘experts’ have predicted nine of the last zero oil-reserve exhaustions."

Sheik Yamani, one time oil minister to Saudi Arabia, who stated in a speech to Europeans, "The stone age ended, but not because of any lack or stones. Undoubtedly the oil age will end the same way."

Jean Whelan, a geochemist and senior researcher with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute assigned to study the Eugene field. Becoming familiar with the phenomenon, she said " . . .. I believe there is a huge system of oil just migrating deep underground"

Dr. Thomas Gold’s book The Deep Hot Biosphere, in which he theorizes that our oil or the methane from which it could evolve, was formed 4.5 billion years ago when the earth began, that it is not a fossil fuel but picks up traces of fossils as it works its way upwards. This theory leaves the earth with a huge supply of oil unlike the fossil theory, which assumes oil to be the result of a one-time dying off of animals and plants.

The Russian Ukrainian Deep Abiotic Theory (except for Dr Gold, virtually unknown in the West) has long gone beyond theory, the Russians having brought in several fields producing abiotic oil using super deep drilling technology. By 1946 their production had dropped off. Now, they, along with Saudi Arabia and ourselves are one of the three largest producers in the world. This, plus our oil shale, and Canada’s tar sands, plus as yet unimagined technologies, plus the fact that oil is only a part of the total energy picture make it seem highly unlikely the world will ever run out of oil.

One clincher in the debate is that Peak Oil writings are terribly muddled. The other is the suspicion that its adherents seem to fall into Professor Kuhn’s description of people who cannot accept anything outside their conventional world, people who cannot be scientifically critical, whose every belief must fit their current paradigm.
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