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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by HagarHorrible View Post
It depends on what you would define as "interesting".

Curiosity on our speed of development of technology and our global population explosion may be a good scientific study. From the last 11,000 years, our development in both technology and population is barely nothing compared to the last 200 years where humankind increased our population 5X and technologically advanced in phenomenal rate.

This still ruled by both concepts of religion and money, which are actually restricting our progress and dooming us towards decline. It shows humankind cannot mature mentally in intellect to match our technological advancement. And we are destroying the earth in the process.

SO, I can conclude that human-kind is not just interesting (because of greed and stupidity) but worthy of SAVING. It will be such a waste if we are doomed because a few leaders wanted global power.
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