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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Don't you love how some of the members of CC speak as if they speak for all of us.

As in Algebra's post.

Can WE be trusted?

Speak for yourself, pal.

Do away with the WE.

We mix it both ways. Sometimes we say ourselves.
Sometimes we seem to include people with us.

Ask if YOU can be trusted and not if WE can be trusted.

We probably all TRUST ourselves. We probably can't be "trusted" by
others, purely. There WILL be times, when one, cannot be overlooked.

I trust myself inexplicably.

Your trusting yourself so, probably won't do anything for me, from you.
You have lots of post. You show through, however, we see you.

And, upagainst it replies:

Quite unlikely.

upagainstit doesn't trust himself.
Your editing kept getting in the way of my trying to post,
to your comment at first.

I actually trust the "I" of me.
Not too cozy with the rest of me.
Mighty fine lines in here.

Other comments are in bold in quoted above.
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