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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

Chances are.

That involuntary mode, forevermore.

Different as you may be, however it is.

Crank it out, head above that water-line.

As far as you go, we'll see.

Those automatically happening machine workings.

What a b*tch.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it people?

Commenting on your question at the bottom.

People may not be that unaware - they are mostly in different states.
Most people - may not fight it.(?)
Most people - may not have a hard time with it.

Found this site - that has - maybe all - of Ralph Waldo Emersons' - essays -
Site Map: Emerson Texts
pretty-well, all of his writings, are - what I see - as like-minded - from within.
Where he writes from.
However: he gives the impression that he is "over-ridden",
more than I am of mind to be.
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