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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by upagainstit View Post
Commenting on your question at the bottom.

People may not be that unaware - they are mostly in different states.
Most people - may not fight it.(?)
Most people - may not have a hard time with it.

Found this site - that has - maybe all - of Ralph Waldo Emersons' - essays -
Site Map: Emerson Texts
pretty-well, all of his writings, are - what I see - as like-minded - from within.
Where he writes from.
However: he gives the impression that he is "over-ridden",
more than I am of mind to be.

People are in different states of mind all the time.

That's normal.

However, you are stating that the "I" within the "me" of you is not one.

That is a totally different scenario.

That would indicate that you are not of one entity which is not the same as being in a different state of mind.

Tell us about it.

How and why did you separate/split?

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