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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Trust me, I don't need you to tell me to feel free to comment about anything and asking you for more clarity is futile.

Sounds to me as if you have an identity crisis going on.

Do you realize that "I" and "Me" are one in the same?

Obviously not.

They can't be separated, pal.

And, if they are, that means you are not one.
1) No identity crisis going on - directly - as far as I go. Not now, anyway.

2) No secret that - I and me - "would" be - one and the same.

3) You, do not see them, as separatable.

4) Correct, I am not "one".
Meaning: I am not "together" - as "one" - in myself.
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