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Default Re: Anger Management - NWO Control Method 2.14

""To control the planet without being discovered, the best way for reptilian leaders to remain undetected would be to condition the population to believe that the mere prospect that government and royal public figures were reptilian aliens was so ludicrous that it couldn't possibly be true. And if you're not prepared to accept the possibility that it might be true, without even looking into the evidence, then how open minded can you really consider yourself to be?

If you accept as absolute truth that world leaders are reptilian beings from another planet, then you're more than likely being naive and foolish. Of course, many people would agree with this without hesitation.

But the opposite is also true. If you accept as absolute truth that they are not reptilian beings from another planet? If it turns out they are (and no one except these public figures themselves can know for absolute certainty, even if it is very highly unlikely) then you have fallen for their conditioning hook, line, and sinker. Now who's the naive fool""?
I take it are an idiot.
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