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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by upagainstit View Post
You (BA), do not "try" suitably enough
to follow any conversation, you get into.

Most posters - try to follow - conversations.

You (BA), go by you. You alone.
You (BA) do not "try" to relate - one to the other.
Your problem not mine.
You are "overly" concerned with - shielding yourself - from another.

I have no reason to think
that there is something amiss,
in my presence, here.
Excuse me, but since you're a newcomer to CC, you are not in the position to make a statement regarding my conversations with other members of this forum and, even if you were, your opinion of me doesn't matter or don't you know that yet?


I, BA, go by it alone.

Lone wolf would be the operative word.

Don't like it, too bad.

I don't shield myself from anyone.

Been here since 2005 and still going strong.
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