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Default Mind Control With Silent Sound: Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) Technology

The Silent Sound
Spread Spectrum (SSSS)

Guys. I was going through my old articles I sent to myslef for lack of time to read them at the time (as you do;-)) and found this. The link I got it from - - doesn't seem to work anymore so I'm glad I saved it! The company mentioned at the end which owns the patent for one of the technologies discussed is American Technologies Corporation , San Diego CA and if you go to their site you find a nifty little device that looks like this:

For those of you who've seen Alex Jones' latest documentary, Martial Law 9-11; doesn't it look EXACTLY like the devices you can see several times in the film?

BTW, sorry for the strangely messed up text below, but this is the way it looked when I saved it and I don't have the time to sit and edit the whole thing.

0 1 0 11 11010111| *
//.mind_control_with_silent_sound_// *
10 1 1 0

//.[T]he mind-altering mechanism is based on a
subliminal carrier technology : the Silent Sound
Spread Spectrum (SSSS) , sometimes called "S-quad"
"Squad" . It was developed by Dr Oliver Lowery of
Norcross , Georgia, and is described in US Patent
#5,159,703 , "Silent Subliminal Presentation System"
dated October 27 , 1992_//

The abstract for the patent reads :

//."[A] silent communications system in which
carriers , in the very low or very high
audio-frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic
frequency spectrum are amplitude- or
frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence
propagated acoustically or vibrationally , for
inducement into the brain, typically through the use
of loudspeakers , earphones , or piezoelectric
transducers . The modulated carriers may be
transmitted directly in real time or may be
conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical ,
magnetic , or optical media for delayed or repeated
transmission to the listener."_//

//."[A]ccording to literature by Silent Sounds ,
, it is now possible , using super computers , to
analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate
them, then store these "emotion signature clusters"
another computer and , at will , "silently induce
change the emotional state in a human being"_//

//.[S]ilent Sounds , Inc . states that it is
interested only in positive emotions , but the
military is not so limited . That this is a US
Department of Defense project is obvious_//

Edward Tilton , President of Silent Sounds , Inc. ,
says this about S-quad in a letter dated December 13
1996 :

//."[A]ll schematics , however , have been
by the US Government and we are not allowed to
the exact details... ... we make tapes and CD's for
the German Government , even the former Soviet Union
countries! All with the permission of the US State
Department , of course... The system was used
throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite

//.[T]he graphic illustration , "Induced Alpha to
Theta Biofeedback Cluster Movement" , which
accompanies the literature , is labelled #AB
116-394-95 UNCLASSIFIED" and is an output from "the
world´s most versatile and most sensitive
electroencephalograph (EEG) machine" . It has a gain
capability of 200,000 , as compared to other EEG
machines in use which have gain capability of
approximately 50,000 . It is software-driven by the
"fastest of computers" using a noise nulling
technology similar to that used by nuclear
for detecting small objects underwater at extreme

//.[T]he purpose of all this high technology is to
plot and display a moving cluster of periodic brain
wave signals . The illustration shows an EEG display
from a single individual , taken of left and right
hemispheres simultaneously . Ile readout from the
sides of the brain appear to be quite different ,
in fact are the same (discounting normal left right
brain variations)_//

Cloning the emotions :

//.[b]y using these computer-enhanced EEGs ,
scientists can identify and isolate the brain´s
low-amplitude "emotion signature clusters" ,
synthesize them and store them on another computer .
In other words , by studying the subtle
brain wave patterns that occur when a subject
experiences a particular emotion , scientists have
been able to identify the concomitant brain wave
pattern and can now duplicate it . "These clusters
then placed on the Silent Sound[TM] carrier
frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence
of the same basic emotion in another human being!_//
0 1 0 11 111| * //.top_// * |101 10 1 1 0

0 1 0 11 11010111| *
//.major_technology_classes_// *
|101101111001010011 10 1 1 0

//.[T]hese technology classes are for the
and commercial equipment which can emulate the
classified mind control equipment . Effect section 2
"Invasive Physical Effects at-a-Distance" , clearly
establishes the existence of remote precision
manipulation of objects which is far beyond the
capabilities of unclassified and commercial
at the time of writing_//

this article , but the reader should know that both
NASA and IEEE have noted successes in creating very
small antigravity effects (which are not due to


# pulsed microwave (i.e . like radar signals)
# ultrasound (transmitted through the air)

the main effects of the institutional /drug/child
abuse phases of the CIA MKULTRA atrocities (1950´s
through 1970´s) . These triggers are planted using
either of the above two transmission methods_//

so-called "millimeter wave" scanning . This method
uses the very top end of the microwave radio signal
spectrum just below infra-red . To view small
or people clearly, the highest frequency that will
penetrate non-conductive or poorly-conductive walls

Millimeter wave scanning radar can be used in two
modes :

# passive (no signal radiated , uses background
radiation already in the
area to be scanned , totally UNdetectable)
# active (low power millimeter wave "flashlight"
attached to the scanner just as a conventional light
mounted on a camcorder)

THOUGHT READING can be classed as a "through wall
surveillance" technology . Thought reading , in the
unclassified/commercial realm , can be broken down
follows :

# thru-skull microwave reading
# magnetic skull-proximity reading

//.[b]RAIN ENTRAINMENT is the reverse of biofeedback
Those low frequency electrical brain rhythms which
characteristics of various moods and states of sleep
can not only be read out using biofeedback equipment
or EEG machines , but using radio , sound , contact
electrodes , or flashing lights , the moods and
states can be generated or at least encour-aged
brain entrainment devices
Brain entrainment cannot carry voice , which is a
higher frequency range . Brain entrainment can ,
however , be used to "set up" a target to make
more susceptible to hypnosis
These major technology classes can produce some of
observed mind control effects , from hiding ,
undetectable , with the exception of remote physical
0 1 0 11 111| * //.top_// * |101 10 1 1 0

0 1 0 11 11010111| * //.pulsed_microwaves_//

* |101101111001010011 10 1 1 0

//.[P]ulsed microwave voice-to-skull (or
other-sound-to-skull) transmission was discovered
during World War II by radar technicians who found
they could hear the buzz of the train of pulses
transmitted by radar equipment they were working on
This phenomenon has been studied extensively by Dr.
Allan Frey, whose work has been published in a
of reference books_//

//.[W]hat Dr. Frey found was that single pulses of
microwave could be heard by some people as "pops" or
"clicks" , while a train of uniform pulses could be
heard as a buzz , without benefit of any type of

//.[D]r. Frey also found that a wide range of
frequencies , as low as 125 MHz (well below
worked for some combination of pulse power and pulse
width . Detailed unclassified studies mapped out
frequencies and pulse characteristics which are
optimum for generation of "microwave hearing"_//

//.[V]ery significantly , when discussing electronic
mind control , is the fact that the PEAK PULSE POWER
required is modest - something like 0.3 watts per
square centimeter of skull surface , and this power
level is only applied for a very small percentage of
each pulse´s cycle time . 0.3 watts/sq cm is about
what you get under a 250 watt heat lamp at a
of one meter . It is not a lot of power . When you
take into account that the pulse train is OFF (no
signal) for most of each cycle , the average power
so low as to be nearly undetectable_//

//.[F]requencies that act as voice-to-skull carriers
are not single frequencies, as , for example TV or
cell phone channels are . Each sensitive frequency
actually a range or "band" of frequencies . A
technology used to reduce both interference and
detection is called "spread spectrum" . Spread
spectrum signals have the carrier frequency "hop"
around within a specified band . Unless a receiver
"knows" the hop schedule in advance , there is
virtually no chance of receiving or detecting a
coherent readable signal . Spectrum analyzers , used
for detection , are receivers with a screen . A
spectrum signal received on a spectrum analyzer
appears as just more "static" or noise
In spite of my organization´s offer of a $300 US
reward for documentation of the first unclassified
successful transmission of WORDS using
ttechnology(by Dr. Joseph Sharp , Walter Reed Army
Institute of Research in the early 770'sspan
class="tMB">) no one is yet able to find an actual
article describing the success in detail_//

//.[W]hat we do have are articles mainly describing
detail the hearing of clicks or pops (for single
pulses) or buzzing (for a train of uniform pulses.)
A pattern seems to be emerging where research which
could be used for mind control starts working , the
UNclassified researchers lose funding , and in some
cases their notes have been confiscated , and no
further information on that research track is heard
the unclassified press . Pulsed microwave
voice-to-skull research is one such track_//
0 1 0 11 111| * //.top_// * |101 10 1 1 0

0 1 0 11 11010111| * //.ultrasound_// *
|10110100010100010101010011 10 1 1 0

//.[u]ltrasound is vibration of the air , a liquid ,
or a solid , above the upper limit of human hearing
which is roughly 20,000 Hz . There is no theoretical
upper limit - there are transducers (like small
speakers) which can transmit 100 megahertz
. The very high ultrasound signals are used mainly
non-destructive testing of solids_//

Ultrasound can be transmitted for mind control
purposes in these ways :

# directly through the air using "air type
# directly to the brain using a modulated microwave
pulse train
# through the air by piggybacking an ultrasound
message on top of commercial radio or television

//.[T]he use of commercial radio or television
requires that the input signal at the transmitter be
relatively powerful , since radio and TV receivers
not designed to pass on ultrasound messages .
, the average radio and TV receiver does not simply
stop ultrasound , rather , the ability to pass
ultrasound messages "rolls off" , i.e. degrades , as
the frequency is increased_//

//.[T]oday´s radios and TVs can carry enough
ultrasound messaging to be "heard" by the human
(though not the ear) to be effective in conveying
hypnosis . This was proven by the U.S. military
in the Gulf War_//

//.[u]ltrasound´s main advantage in mind control
is that it can carry HYPNOSIS . Take a telephone
converter which can convert a deep voice to a
high-pitched voice . Tune the converter so that the
high pitch is just above the top of the human

//.[T]he brain CAN "hear" and understand this
inaudible voice , while the ear cannot . Once you
convey hypnotic suggestion which cannot be
heard , you have eliminated a major barrier to the
subject´s acceptance of the words being

//.[i]n previous decades , "subliminal advertising"
using voice and images at normal frequencies were
"time sliced" into an apparently normal radio or TV
broadcast . This apparently did not work well , as
articles about the Gulf War´s use of "Silent Sound"
show ultrasound as superior_//

//.[O]ne method for projecting either audible voice
ultrasound voice over long distances , virtually
uundetactableif line of sight , is the "acoustic
heterodyne" or "HyperSonic Sound" system , patented
American Technologies Corporation , San Diego CA ,
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