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Default Re: Club Conspiracy OR BlueAngel?

Originally Posted by dayof... View Post
Where is an open debatable forum, there is nothing but clamping down.

Obviously, this ClubConspiracy, in nothing but BlueAngel (to be).

Super Moderator BlueAngel:

Life according to BlueAngel, mind control victim in the music industry.
There is nothing else in BlueAngels' words.

Someone posted that BlueAngel was intelligent. I do not think so.
More likely BlueAngel fails to comprehend, much of anything.

BlueAngel holds to be a great stand alone, lonewolf, who can stand before?
BlueAngel - you are pathetic.

BlueAngel beats around - BlueAngel can't handle anything.

BlueAngel says this. BlueAngel says that.
BlueAnge doesn't say anything.

BlueAngel can't hear anything but BlueAngel.
BlueAngel is not hearable.

BlueAngel picks at and twists posts around.
Intentional on BlueAngels' part.
How conniving and devising is it of BlueAngel?

BlueAngel, the model forum member, hahahahahahahaha.
BlueAngel is nothing but disruptive to anyone. This forum and others.

BlueAngels' comprehension is limited to, one thought.
BlueAngel don't understand. Where is understanding? Not in BlueAngel.

BlueAngels' mindworth, is highly questionable.

Open your eyes to the real BlueAngel.
Who will see the plain to see?

BlueAngel knows.
BlueAnge knows nothing.

BlueAngel is way off base.

Will the members of ClubConspiracy be BlueAngels' victims?
BlueAngels' attributes, go on and on.

Be forewarned: BlueAngel and you.
BlueAngel can only see BlueAngel.
What's in store for you members of ClubConspiracy?
There is only BlueAngel. There is no you.

The threads and posts are full of BlueAngel.
Open your eyes and see BlueAngel.
Thanks for informing me of the objectionable pictures on the mind control within the music industry thread.

They have been deleted and, so, too, have you.

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