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Default Re: Freemasons and One World Government - Quotes please

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I hold such a strong belief towards Freemasonry that I come on sites like this and debate. I do have things to do, but that's why I come in spurts and not a daily visitor. In fact, I have drill this weekend so I won't be on here.
We are very aware that you hold a strong belief towards Freemasonry, but I wonder why you feel compelled to spend time on internet forums trying to convince others of the same.

Like, what's the point?

Is it because, in your gut, you don't really hold that strong of a belief about the orgainzation to which you belong so you attempt to validate it to those of us who don't embrace it?

Most people who don't support freemasonry aren't going to be convinced otherwise by anything you say about the organization.

As evidenced here at CC.

Doesn't matter what you say, you can't convert us.

I'm certain your time could be spent in a much more productive fashion instead of wasting it by being the Freemason poster boy of the internet forums.

So, sorry you won't be around this weekend.

The gang and I are going to miss you.

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