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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
You said the same, however, I didn't accuse you of bickering.

I didn't suggest that 911 proves that the US is run by the CIA.

I was simply commenting on your suggestion that the US is run by the Mafia.

Making my point that the Mafia works for the CIA.

911 involved many different elements.

The CIA being one of them.
Okay. So assuming that the Mafia did work for the CIA, what interest has the CIA in drug pushing, prostitution, extortion, illegal gambling?

Presumably they are only interested in the money, to fund their 'black ops'.

But how extensive are these black ops exactly?

They must be pretty extensive in order to spend the 100's of billions of dollars the Mafia must be worth in the US.

What I am suggesting, and is a situation which is completely different from your own suggestion, is that the politics of the CIA have been perverted by both Nazi and Mafia influence.

The CIA was founded after WWII and certain Nazi intelligence operatives were central to the organisation's shaping.

Could this explain the CIA's virulent anti-communism?

Also communist China's banning of opium at the end of the 1950's having been the single biggest producer, appears to have set off the US's South East Asia anti-communist crusade.

In the real world, I claim, there is never one single answer that explains absolutely everything. What is actually the case are a number of influences coming together and moulding the subject under discussion.
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