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Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
I don't think about a better future, persay. I do think about deeper understanding and synergy of multiple truths expanding into my reality. I focus on sending timeless energy into the multiple layers of cognition and wrap some unconscious into my conscious. I like the intangible, unmeasured, insignificant meditations dreaming about future events, no matter how small. I believe the natural world is dwindling more rapidly than it is growing thus my evolution is purely energetic, not tangible. On an aside, I dig oil painting, abstract photography, and skin. Any conspiracy born between my mundane job and my explosive imagination is welcome.
Unable to follow your concept.

Sounds like something from back in the 60's.
Mostly from movies and news.
I would be from the 70's and 80's.
Some kind of "flashback" in time.
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