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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

As I said earlier in this thread, I am not certain if this is legitimate info or not, but I am becoming increasingly concerned that another major act of "faux terrorism" is being planned by the neocon forces who brought us 9/11, for the following reasons:

1) Tom Ridge's sudden inexplicable resignation from Homeland Security with no other career options on the horizon, followed by the nomination of Bernard Berik, an obscure NYC official to take over in his place. Then Berik suddenly withdrawals his name, confessing to past sins that no one was really that much interested in, almost as if he was trying to excuse himself from the position for some reason. And still, I'm not seeing any strong candidates lobbying for what should be a plum job, the equivalent of Heninrich Himmler's internal stronghold over Nazi Germany. Do they all know something is in the air, and they're afraid to be the guard on watch when it goes down?

2) At least two proposals have been quietly defeated (with the help of Republican forces loyal to Bushco) to create a process of succession for Congress in the event that an act of terror should be staged on the Capitol or en masse against congressional members. I'll bet many of you weren't even aware of this, because the media has squelched the story so well. With no guarantee that Congress could continue to function under terrorist attack, the stage is perfectly set for Bushco to declare martial law.

3) The last session of Congress just ended amid a lot of controversy over the $388 million dollar appropriations bill rammed through with an anti-abortion funding rider tacked onto it.
Democrats alleged that they got "caught by surprise" and have promised a big repeal battle in April. This, along with the Social Security fight, portends a lot of troubled waters ahead for Bushco that could be bypassed completely with another act of terrorism that would lockdown the Congress and the entire country into a martial law impasse. Even worse, the truth is that the Bushies DON'T WANT to win the battle against abortion, because they are de facto eugenicists who advocate genocide as a means of population control.

4) Way too many scandals are promising to break in the months ahead, from the election fraud to Robert Novak's CIA betrayal, even grossly underreported casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan a la William Westmoreland. There was never a better time for Bushco to roil the waters, divert attention and make a supreme power grab. As we all know, the determent camps are already in place to deal with whatever opposition they may encounter in the "lockdown" process.

My past experiences dealing with Freemasonic, Satanic, Illuminati types has taught me that they are all devout liers, committed to misrepresentation and diversion in almost everything that they do. If they plan to turn right, they will tell you to go left. Even when they present both sides of an issue to confuse you, there will always be a subtle inducement to push you in the direction that is most detrimental. Keeping all of this is mind, I think we should all proceed with caution and discretion in the weeks and months ahead.
My best personal guess is that nothing will happen until the Homeland Security transition is complete, but even that shouldn't be accepted as an "absolute".
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