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Default Hello from the Snake....

What's up everybody...
Im Nakedsnake, I would tell you my real name but I would have to kill you; for the really sharp ones, it's easy to find my real name as I posted it, on my first post. (One NWO verichip for the first one to find it).
I been studying the NWO for the past 7 years, and as a result became a Christian.My reasons for becoming a Christian are 3 fold
1-Historical verification of Chistianity.

2-NWO is Luciferian at the top levels.

3-Christian prophecies explain NWO moves.

I have read I think every major work on the Hystory of the Conspiracy.
My favorite sources are Carroll Quigley, Anthony Sutton, Alex Jones, James Perloff, Dennis Cuddy, Gary Allen, John McManus, Kris Millegan, Daniel Hopsicker, Mike Ruppert (Except the Peak Oil stuff), and too many to name.
My other passion (no pun intended) is Christian apolegetics.

who are you guys what are your interests, your worldviews, your conspiracy sources???

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