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Originally Posted by oneinitall View Post
Unable to follow your concept.

Sounds like something from back in the 60's.
Mostly from movies and news.
I would be from the 70's and 80's.
Some kind of "flashback" in time.
Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
I see the similarities you've mentioned. Which things/ thought processes of the 70's and 80's do you embrace?
Was mostly wondering about your post earlier.?

Mentioned 70's and 80's in contrast, not really anything notice-able like 60's.

When the radio switched to - rap music - is where radio went off.
Until stations started coming out with - oldies' stations.

If you wondering why got banned was for - reprimanding moderator.

Here's where the postings between BlueAngel and I took place.

You can follow it through from my posts.
BlueAngel was interjecting without following along.

Latest thread is in opinions.
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