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Default Re: What is the Time Limit for a Post?

Do not know if there is a time limit or what the time limit would be.

The problem mentioned happened to me on the last thread I made.
Not once but twice. Was yesterday.

Previously, I thought I had the happening of it, accounted for in checking the
remember me box. Which worked quite fine. This last time, however, proved
it wasn't infallible.

In a multi-tab browser:
If it has been a length of time, that you've been writing your post,
you can go to the top and open up some other section of the forum
in a new tab.
You will notice you are either logged in or not.
If not logged in - log in - after logging in - go back to the browser tab
where you were writing your post and you should now be logged in.
Press - submit reply - should be okay.

This is a part of my new solution for the being logged out problem.
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