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Default Re: Disputes amongst members:

Originally Posted by oneview View Post
Your reading between the lines - doesn't get a passing grade.
You fail miserably.
That's odd.

I said "aloud" in my house the other day that I wasn't reading between the lines of babble, as I was told I must do by a former CC member, the Great Barbarien, who also stated that I had done this before.

I'm quite adept at reading between the lines, which I have demonstrated on this forum, but I don't waste my time with babble/nonsense such as that which you and so many before you have posted, including the great Barbarien who also told me that he and others knew I had been abused from a very young age; they noticed me and knew I was intelligent and capable.

If what anyone has to say is of importance, there isn't any need to hide it in between the lines of text.

Otherwise, it's nonsense.

I am under the impression that my original comment has been edited by someone other than myself and; therefore, I have corrected it to read as it had before it was tampered with.

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