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Default Re: Who or What is The Poet

Originally Posted by oneview View Post
Was straight forward.

Nothing to be read - between the lines.

Flinching at discomforting words, don't make things, go away.

Reality has to be dealt with.

Close your eyes, make it go away, not an answer, to anything.
Your comments are never straight forward and they're not discomforting; therefore, there isn't any flinching occurring to make things go away.

I have no idea why you believe you are in a position to offer me advice or why you think I want your advice on how to conduct my life and/or myself on this forum.

Obviously, your eyes are closed inasmuch as you are under the impression that my eyes are not open to reality and, therefore, I'm not dealing with it.

Again, your advice far as my life is concerned and my conduct on this forum is not needed or wanted.

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