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Default Re: Please Show Me Mercy and Just Kill Me Allready!?!

Originally Posted by The Poet View Post
Society, Blueangel, society. Once they figure out that I am not one of their mechanical demonic marionettes, they'll stop at nothing to suck my soul out of me.
I am tired of waiting. I just want to get this over with. Look, you soulless bastards, DO IT ALLREADY! You've taken everything else, just END IT..O.K?!
See how unjust are laws are...An act of mercy murder? Ity should be obvious I am unfit to live in your sick, soulless, sinister, demonic society. Why do you keep forcing me to live?!?
So, the "THEY" to whom you refer is society.


I SUGGEST you seek professional help.

This thread will most likely be deleted.
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