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Default Re: Please Show Me Mercy and Just Kill Me Allready!?!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
So, the "THEY" to whom you refer is society.


I SUGGEST you seek professional help.

This thread will most likely be deleted.
Yes, the collection of soulless robots you call society. How does it feel knowing your humanity has been stolen fgrom you and you are a conditioned, heartless robot? Do you miss those "irrational" emotions that made you once human? I see that "robot-think" has invaded your human brain and has so corrupted you that the truth as conveyed by my poetic visionary abilities frighten you. What part of you is frightened-the robot or the human being?
Is it so scary to admit you have become a conditioned, brainwashed, controlled, overly rationalistic, computer-logic robot? Does your "robot-think" reject this or is there a spark of humanity that lies within that recognizes the truth I speak and is fighting with your "robot-think" for possession of your soul?
I sense that there is a great struggle within you. You recognize the truth of my vision, but the robot computer brain won't let you become free. The robot wants to live at all costs, and won't let the human part of you become free or overcome it. You must eventually decide if you will remain a Vulcan like robot this Industrial Revolution society has conditioned, brainwashed and designed you to be or if you will reclaim your humanity before you become a soulless android named BlueAngel.
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