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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
How is this a retarded site? And what exactly is the Illuminati? Who are they? Where do they live?
Where do they get there power from? What is there ultimate agenda, and why? GEE, all this time I thought the Zionist were behind all the world's evil.

The internet was Hi-jacked by the Pentagon after 9-11, pre 9-11 there control and spying was not as evident, Every time I see a NEW CONSPIRACY FORUM (not saying the above mentioned is one) but, it is very evident that information moves and sways people's mind in very obviuos directions at will. This is nothing new, whenever they want people to sway this way or that, it is almost child's play, they've only perfected it for the last 50 years.

And make no mistake about it, conservatively speaking, about 40% of the conspiracy forums are NWO mind swayers. Just my 2 cents, that's why I stay away from Mega Boards where there is absolute rubbish. Of course, Being banned from just about everywhere does'nt help either. :-)
Notice last 2 lines in middle "paragraph" above.
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