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Default Re: I had an extremely long drawn out debate with a liberal sycophant on another foru

Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
...and comparing his statist world view, versus my individualistic one, I've come to ask myself, what did God intend for most when he created us humans?

your thoughts, please :-)
Originally Posted by madkhao View Post
Sorry, I see how I should have phrased my question. Do you think our living soul and our living bodies are two different things. But you don't need to reanswer I understand your viewpoint, thanks.
Have no idea what God intended.

Wouldn't think our soul and body - to be - 2 different things.

Lots of people seem to think their souls and themselves,
are 2 different things.

I would think one and the same, lack co-operation on this, though.
Think I know enough about being seperated too.

My reality of life - appears to be different - compared to others around me.
I'm not - one of the many.
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