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Default Re: I had an extremely long drawn out debate with a liberal sycophant on another foru

The human heart has brain cells. I believe we effect energy fields thru the brain cells of the heart. When we speak/focus toward the soul, we send energy to another area outside our body. Theoretically, many people can send energy to one source and one source can send energy to many people.

The visual definitions of a human, cloak the spirtual energy intent.

God did not have an intent for humans when we became created, other than existing. Compassion to take care of the earth and each other was develped as the brain cells migrated to the heart, in evolution. When tribes are isolated they accept "God" and balance. Man is slowly going back to the garden, after tearing the fence down, exporting it's resources until depletion and denying the omnipotence of God creating even the "sin".
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