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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Originally Posted by Saturnino View Post

It is always the same new age stuff..if it works for you, fine. Meaning there is no absolute truth.

If truth is particular, why do you join a forum like this, just to start ? Just live up with your own personal truth. You can't point people to anything of more value than what they already have. Nobody can teach you anything better than what you have now. If you don't want to have people sticking their necks on your belief system, then what the heck are doing in this forum discussing religion ?

Of course truth is absolute and one of us is wrong.

And you make a big confusion between Christianity, understood as the teachings of Jesus, and organized Church. Any bastard can say he is a Christian and start killing people. But he is not. I agree with you that the Church has done horrible things. But Church is not God. Forget the Church and meditate on what Jesus said instead. Then make up your mind, reject Him if you want, but don't reject Him because of false Christians or because you don't like me or people like me. Fuck me and read the book of John !

You call my reasoning hocus pocus...I think it has a very good logic behind it. Stop and think about it.
Part of the "problem".

We live our own lives.
We do not - submit ourselves - to outside of us.

Even IF, we don't know it, or can't see it.
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