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Default Re: I always hear that a 'moral society' is not easily dominated.. can someone elabor

Originally Posted by ;15695
Oh, yes, my husband had a difficult time last night stroking my hair with the two horns I have growing out of my head.

Chinese grandmother grows 'devil' horns | Mail Online

As for morality, I presume we are averaging the limitations of religion, humanitarian behaviors, limited war, socialized medicine, etc. A culture which strives to have a balanced agreement on the status of morality through each generation is one which has estabilished goals and the keen eye to achieve and maintain said goals. The character of each individual is weighed to continue an accord in this nature. Thus the individual achieves, maintains and delivers an exempliary degree of discipline. Thus a disciplined culture is very defensive to maintain their pre-determined morality. The characteristics of the individual spread across an entire culture keep for a strong bond, indeed.

However, even a culture of immorality can maintain the same degree of self-discipline. It doesn't mean they are acceptable and lasting, such as with Nazi Regime behaviors. Nor would they be able to maintain their behaviors without criticism, however..morality is less of a target in that it doesn't pose an open threat. Needless to say, many individuals who have "immorality" in one area of their decisions wouldn't necessarily pose a threat if it was of the self-inflicting nature, leaving outside cultures out of harm.

oneview, can you define your phrase "cold blooded reality". Are you referencing it to an opposite status or a similiar status?

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