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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

You are much more informed than the average guy, Freeman, and your mind is very sharp too. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine any real American taking the risk to concoct/agree with such diabolical plan just to make easier its President`s job... unless of course if the stake is to weaken America. Does G.W. seem like he would weaken America? In my opinion that is precisely what distinguishes the illuminati J. Kerry from the free-mason G.W. Bush. Quite a some American Presidents were free-masons AND real patriots.

Now the G.W. Bush Administration has seemingly wisely decided not to attack Iran militarily and this makes the hidden power and its zionist pawns very nervous since a sovereign Iran is almost as a big obstacle on the way of its NWO than a sovereign Russia, France or Germany. Isn`t it logical that they try to play every possible card to oblige once again (after Irak) the US Government to do the dirty job?
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