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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

seems like paranoia seting in
thats just what they..terrorist want.
but its not paranoia.. ita anger seting in.. anger because every day it cost lives so we at home can live without a threat. every day it cost us our money our homes our jobs to pay the bill to live in safty at the cost of lives every day. and there is no cure fot it bbut to kill every terrorist that walks on this earth. at the cost of more lives. so what is going to happen is the same thing as the adom bomb in ww2. for the same reasons i just typed here. to stop lost of lives on the side of the west at the cost of lives in the east. we will end up nukeing them. to stop the war on terror and save lives on the west and fix the econimy. at the cost of lives in the east. if not it will cost lives in the west and the east.. and america will fall into another depression. so the fact is there is no cure for this. what is happening now is we the west is waiting for the east to make the first move. so the launching of nukes from the west can be justafied. any way you look at it.. it will continue as it is now or a ww3. and end of the world.. got any ideas?
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