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Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Does one, here, believe any Gitmo detanee is innocent of conspiring? If not, surely they would be of a vendictive persuasion, if released.

There is no way candidate Obama would have facts on the prisoners and the digressive medical assessments fostering their permanent imprisonment.
How the hell would anyone here know whether or not a GITMO detainee is innocent of conspiring?

What are you talking about?

You say that there isn't any way that OBAMA would have any facts about the prisoners at GITMO and their digressive medical assessments that fostered their permanent imprisonment.

The prisoners at GITMO were imprisoned because, according to the US government, they were terrorists and not because of some "digressive medical assessment."

Obviously candidate Obama wouldn't have any facts about the prisoners at GITMO.

The "rogue" CIA is in charge of that and him and whatever facts they present are most probably false.

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