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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
lets see if anyone can find the reason for there hate of america. and it will be just as lame as the reason for 9/11
OMG. Does one need to answer this? The WHOLE WORLD has turned its back on the so-called 'Leaders of the free world'. Not just muslims. But maybe the muslim world is angry because the US has sanctioned their countries, and taken over those with real resources. At least financially. The US continues to support Israel, a large thorn in Islam, and if you don't know why, google the damn thing, read a book, and LEARN the history behind its formation, the US and other western countries have been CAUGHT red handed bombing their own embassies and blaming it on extremists. According to Bush, Jesus was a terrorist. You're either with them or with the terrorists...remember?

Apart from the odd self exploding mother, the muslims have done nothing but throw stones. They donot have the technology, nor the resources, or the WILL, to carry out these extremities. No matter what they misinterpret the quran to say. but WE do.

And sorry Blue Angel, I love you, you very sexy grrl, but to say there is no evidence is nothing more than turning a blind eye, whether by force, or by fear, i don't know, to COMMON SENSE. It took 20 years for most americans to realise JFK wasn't assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. At least alone. But if you look at the video....only common sense will tell you the shot came from the his head went back, and to the left.....back and to the left. Is it fact?? No....but it its pretty damn likely enough for me to put my left nut on it. It is absolute truth. I saw a documentary only weeks ago that involved special ballistics experiments that PROVED the shot came from the 6th storey of the depository building. Of course this experiment did NOT take the video into account. But it was, what they called....fact.
The same with the twin towers. I saw them fall myself. I know what a demolition looks like. I don't need a commission hearing to tell me what I know or don't know. Fact is, they are still the only 3 buildings EVER to collapse by fire. Let alone the two other planes in pensylvania and the pentagon to totally disintigrate and dissappear. That is hilarious. And the FACT that all 14 hijackers were NOT on any flight passenger lists?? How did they get on the planes?? With the same box cutters they used to control 200 odd passengers? Who needs facts??

common sense just aint that common anymore.

Provided I am still aware of the truth, and the objectives of those who are controlling subliminal truth, I'll be sane. And real. Alive. They can stick all the facts up their ass.

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