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Default Re: Martin Luther King Jr. the Amerikan Traitor

Mynda_Peace wrote:
MLK wasn't a saint by any means, and JFK had serious bones in the closet. Yet I consider him the last genuine American president. God will reserve proper judgement for both.


The lesser of two evils is still evil. Words can be just as profound as anyone's actions, do you read poetry?

You cannot hate your brother and love Jesus too.

I know you're not the enemy, Mynda! I wasn't attacking you, I was questioning what I quote you said in regards to actions v. words. I think you're wrong if you think that words have the same weight as actions. Evil manifests in the ACTIONS of Man, not the WORDS of Man. Words are but a symbol for the real thing.

That's all.

Also, you say you consider JFK to be the last genuine American president. What do you mean "genuine"? He has been "saintified" because he was ritually killed by the Cryptocracy, yet he was a sex addict, drug addict, worked closely with the Italian Mafia - they helped him rig the election in 62 - and belonged to the Illuminati (Kennedy clan).

Check out the list of <a href="">JFK "interests" and legacy</a>, among others, but the warning signals are these:

<a href="">United States Peace Corps</a> (Created in the President's first 100 days.)

"The Peace Corps traces its roots and mission to 1960, when then-Senator John F. Kennedy challenged students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries. From that inspiration grew an agency of the federal government devoted to world peace and friendship.

Since that time, more than 178,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have been invited by 138 host countries to work on issues ranging from AIDS education, information technology, and environmental preservation.

Today's Peace Corps is more vital than ever, stepping into new countries like East Timor, working in emerging and essential areas such as information technology and business development, and committing more than 1,000 new Volunteers as a part of President Bush's HIV/AIDS Act of 2003. Peace Corps Volunteers continue to help countless individuals who want to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities."

<a href="">World Trade Organization (GATT)</a> (JFK strongly supported GATT.) Check out <a href="">Greg Palast's writings on GATT, WTO, IMF</a> and their "benefits".

<a href="">Arms Control and Disarmament Agency</a> (Established by Pres. Kennedy in September 1961.)

<a href="">John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School</a> (The Green Berets were started by Pres. Kennedy.)

Like I said, among others.

So my opinion of JFK is that he might have been the last "genuine American" president, if that means corruption, subversion, infiltration, economic and covert warfare, gathering world resources into the hands of the power elite.
Sharing a lot of relatively good qualities with MLK, he might've been the least evil of all American presidents but then America hasn't really had a genuine free choice for some time, now has it?

So then; back to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

<a href="">Martin Luther King's Communist Connections</a>

August 12, 1993

Dear Editor,

Salt Lake City council's announcement that they are renaming the main boulevard, 600 South, after Martin Luther King (Daily Herald, 8/11/93, p. B-3) is yet one more example of the dangerous trend to make a hero out of one of America's most vociferous traitors.

I am not expressing opinion; but fact; based on documented evidence that Martin Luther King was vigorously promoted by the Soviet-financed CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) in order to foment a violent polarization of Americans along racial lines (divide and conquer). The subsequent raising of Martin Luther to ever more elevated hero status is only a follow-up of that initial motive. (I do not intend to address the lie that Communism is "dead," other than to merely note that this particular case is yet one more evidence that the subversion of our beloved country is ongoing and alarmingly successful.)

Here is a sample of the documented evidence of which I speak. I am referring to an essay by Evans-Raymond Pierre, a native black of New York City who earned a degree in political science and history at the University of Vermont. In it he quotes from a member (FBI plant) of the CPUSA who testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee in 1979 that "the [communist] cells that I was associated with in Cleveland were continually being asked to raise money for Martin Luther King's activities and to support his movement.... While I was in the Communist Party, as a loyal American Negro, I knew Martin Luther King to be closely connected with the Communist Party...."

Another example of M.L. King's Communist support and ties documented by Pierre was his close association with Stanley David Levison, who "assisted King in organization matters and political strategy, wrote some of his speeches, and advised in hiring personnel to staff King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference." At the time, Levison was "knowingly being used as a conduit for the Soviet funds" to the CPUSA, and also "assisted in managing the secret party coffers."

'Yet one more example of calling evil, good. Let's see if we can't convince the city council to reverse this decision.

Anyone desiring to peruse further evidence of M.L. King's close connections with the CPUSA is invited to request free (if you order within a month) reprints of Pierre's essay from The New American, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913. (January 13, 1986.)


Sterling D. Allan, Fountain Green, UT
and Brian Gibson, Provo, Utah


<a href="">Who Shot Martin Luther King? by J. J. Maloney</a>


I have to point out that I consider Joel Skousen and World Affairs Brief to be a very competent and well-informed analyst of global affairs.

<a href="">Government Cover-ups: Martin Luther King Jr.
From the World Affairs Brief</a>:

Martin Luther King was another public figure that was assassinated for the martyr effect. As the evidence below shows, the evidence of King's corruption, womanizing and Communist sympathies, we was becoming more a liability to the Civil Rights agenda than an asset. It was only a matter of time before King's reputation would self-destruct. By engineering his death and blaming it on a supposed racist, the Powers That Be could turn MLK into a hero. With the assistance of controlled judges, they could have his records sealed and make sure the public would not have access to the real Martin Luther King.


Every year America endures the same propaganda media-blitz on Martin Luther King day--the false portrayal of the “Reverend” King as an American hero; a saintly, self-sacrificing religious martyr for the cause of civil rights. He was everything but that and certainly no hero that any American should look up to. I have written extensively about the defense of true civil rights, no one can accuse me of hating the cause. I say this be way of introduction in anticipation of the fury my remarks will generate among the media attempting to perpetrate this growing myth upon American culture. Everything about Martin Luther King is a fraud. Here are the real facts.

1) NAME CHANGE: MLK is really Michael King, Jr. His father was a minister and arbitrarily decided to rename himself and his son, Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr.

2) PLAGIARISM IN HIS DOCTORAL THESIS: The most complete analysis of King’s chronic plagiarism in his academic career was done by Gerry Harbison, professor of Chemistry at University of Nebraska: “In 1988, the Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project made a discovery that shocked it to its core. The Project, a group of academics and students, had been entrusted by Coretta Scott King with the task of editing King's papers for publication. As they examined King's student essays and his dissertation, they gradually became aware that King was guilty of massive plagiarism - that is, he had copied the words of other authors word-for-word, without making it clear that what he was writing was not his own. The Project spent years uncovering the full extent of King's plagiarism. In November 1990, word leaked to the press, and they had to go public. The revelations caused a minor scandal and then were promptly forgotten.” Suppressed would be a more accurate description. The National Endowment for the Humanities actively suppressed the story in preparation for celebrating King. Its then director was Lynne Cheney, wife of the current Vice President. For the full story see Prof. Harbison’s website:

3) COMMUNIST BACKGROUND AND CONTACTS: It appears that King established an early liaison with the American Communist Party and sought to create civil unrest in support of the revolution. His own biographer, David J. Garrow admitted that king once privately “described himself as a Marxist.” King constantly surrounded himself with Communists, hired them, and even went to great lengths to keep them on through secret relationships. King’s personal secretary in the 1950s was communist and homosexual Bayard Rustin. According to Sen. Jesse Helms, “King was repeatedly warned about his associations with known Communists by friendly elements in the Kennedy Administration and the Department of Justice [DOJ] (including strong and explicit warning from President Kennedy himself). King took perfunctory and deceptive measures to separate himself from the Communists [Stanley David Levison and Hunter Pitts O’Dell ] against whom he was warned. He continued to have close and secret contacts with at least some of them after being informed and warned of their background, and he violated a commitment to sever his relationships with identified Communists.”

4) IMMORAL AND ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR: Dr. King had an ample reputation as a philanderer and abuser of women of ill repute. The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover had run surveillance on King and his entourage for years attempting to gather data on his Communist connections. While the Bureau did surveill King’s attendance at Communist meetings, but most of the surveillance records show an extreme preoccupation after hours with illicit sex. In deference to King’s usefulness in promoting a national holiday for civil rights, US Federal judge John Lewis Smith, Jr. ordered all the FBI records sealed up in the National Archives for 50 years (till 2027). When I was Executive Editor of Conservative Digest, I called retired Acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray and asked him what was in the evidence locked away. His answer surprised me. He said there were approximately 15 file cabinets of evidence on King--14 of them were full of recordings and transcripts of his illicit relationships with prostitutes. Only one file cabinet contained evidence of his Communist relationships.

Even former co-workers have blown the whistle on King’s scurrilous conduct. The Rev. Ralph Abernathy, in his book, And the Wall Came Tumbling Down, King spent his last night in the motel having an immoral liason with three women and then beat one of the woman in the morning before he was shot. Assistant Director of the FBI Charles D. Brennan wrote a letter to Sen. John P. East (R-NC) in which he stated that King's conduct consisted of "orgiastic and adulterous escapades, some of which indicated that King could be bestial in his sexual abuse of women." The FBI surveillance records covering his first night in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was to receive the Noble Peace Prize, document that his only interest was how to secure prostitutes for he and his entourage. An orgy followed. King’s surveillance and wiretaps were personally authorized by then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. If these allegations are true, this man should never have been put forward as a national hero. Yes, I am aware that other national heroes have had there weaknesses, but King’s conduct borders on a Clinton-like sexual addiction.


Excerpt from <a href="">The Beast as Saint:
The Truth About "Martin Luther King, Jr."

by Kevin Alfred Strom</a>

Michael Hoffman's "Holiday for a Cheater":

The first public sermon that King ever gave, in 1947 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, was plagiarized from a homily by Protestant clergyman Harry Emerson Fosdick entitled "Life is What You Make It," according to the testimony of King's best friend of that time, Reverend Larry H. Williams.

The first book that King wrote, "Stride Toward Freedom, - -was plagiarized from numerous sources, all unattributed, according to documentation recently assembled by sympathetic King scholars Keith D. Miller, Ira G. Zepp, Jr., and David J. Garrow.

And no less an authoritative source than the four senior editors of "The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr.- - (an official publication of the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., whose staff includes King's widow Coretta), stated of King's writings at both Boston University and Crozer Theological Seminary: "Judged retroactively by the standards of academic scholarship, [his writings] are tragically flawed by numerous instances of plagiarism.... Appropriated passages are particularly evident in his writings in his major field of graduate study, systematic theology."

King's essay, "The Place of Reason and Experience in Finding God," written at Crozer, pirated passages from the work of theologian Edgar S. Brightman, author of "The Finding of God."

Another of King's theses, "Contemporary Continental Theology," written shortly after he entered Boston University, was largely stolen from a book by Walter Marshall Horton.

King's doctoral dissertation, "A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Harry Nelson Wieman," for which he was awarded a PhD in theology, contains more than fifty complete sentences plagiarized from the PhD dissertation of Dr. Jack Boozer, "The Place of Reason in Paul Tillich's Concept of God."

According to "The Martin Luther King Papers", in King's dissertation "only 49 per cent of sentences in the section on Tillich contain five or more words that were King's own...."!

In "The Journal of American History", June 1991, page 87, David J. Garrow, a leftist academic who is sympathetic to King, says that King's wife, Coretta Scott King, who also served as his secretary, was an accomplice in his repeated cheating. ("King's Plagiarism: Imitation, Insecurity and Transformation," The Journal of American History, June 1991, p. 87)

Reading Garrow's article, one is led to the inescapable conclusion that King cheated because he had chosen for himself a political role in which a PhD would be useful, and, lacking the intellectual ability to obtain the title fairly, went after it by any means necessary. Why, then, one might ask, did the professors at Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University grant him passing grades and a PhD? Garrow states on page 89: "King's academic compositions, especially at Boston University, were almost without exception little more than summary descriptions... and comparisons of other's writings. Nonetheless, the papers almost always received desirable letter grades, strongly suggesting that King's professors did not expect more...." The editors of "The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers" state that "...the failure of King's teachers to notice his pattern of textual appropriation is somewhat remarkable...."

But researcher Michael Hoffman tells us "...actually the malfeasance of the professors is not at all remarkable. King was politically correct, he was Black, and he had ambitions. The leftist [professors were] happy to award a doctorate to such a candidate no matter how much fraud was involved. Nor is it any wonder that it has taken forty years for the truth about King's record of nearly constant intellectual piracy to be made public."

Supposed scholars, who in reality shared King's vision of a racially mixed and Marxist America, purposely covered up his cheating for decades. The cover-up still continues. From the "New York Times" of October 11, 1991, page 15, we learn that on October 10th of that year, a committee of researchers at Boston University admitted that, "There is no question but that Dr. King plagiarized in the dissertation." However, despite its finding, the committee said that "No thought should be given to the revocation of Dr. King's doctoral degree," an action the panel said "would serve no purpose."

No purpose, indeed! Justice demands that, in light of his willful fraud as a student, the "reverend" and the "doctor" should be removed from King's name.


And in conclusion, once again, Michael A. Hoffman II, another researcher I consider very intelligent and knowledgable.

<a href="">Michael A. Hoffman II on MLK in passing</a>:

"It was Bonzo [Ronald Reagan] who made Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday, while privately admitting to his associates that he knew King was a Marxist and an adulterer."
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