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Default "LIFE" "inside" account:

Based on - inner revelations - to this poster:
gleaned from - distortions and propaganda, mocking and scoffing, who says(?)
to the tune of - you'll never know. (running rampant)

Where(?), did "existence" of anything/everything, begin?
Is unknown to any "real" extent, except:

Life - however it was - to how it has come to be;
was either - created - or - became from - what's(?) out there?

Whatever it is, that is "out-there"(?), has a hands-off policy.
There appears to be, no direct - ongoing, connection - in the "cards".

However it is, that - what's out there, and - LIFE (to be known),
came to be: is "unknown" and could very well be, never will be "known".
Of course, us beings, able to know things to ourselves, desire - to know. (?)

SOMEHOW, in/from, the very beginning, ("life", as we come to know it):
is there, in such a way, as - "LIFE" would come to be - as it developes to be.
Like, it's all there, for "life" to continue to develope about and become.
However: the whole story, is not in "life" itself.

Life - as it is to be known - either manages to live on and be - or
life, will eventually "expire".
However, life itself, will not "outright" expire with, whatever has been.
Meaning - we can't take it gone with us.
Life itself, for some unknown reason, is meant to be.

What's out there, and "life" being by: is not where, we are.
We are here - the after side of - what life is by.

Supposedly, what's there, has gotten to be "somehow"(?), AND
gone on - to make it possible - for life (that's us) - to be.

We are not "expected" to create - life to be.
However, some beings, herald themselves as - creators of life. (Gods(?))

Life, able to be had to be, is where, we enter the picture; from.

It's all there - for us to develope about and become BUT we have to
manage to do so. Failing to do so, life as we know it, would expire.
However: either way it goes, it is - easier said, than done.

Roughly: creation is without the creator - but - not without - by a creator.
It's all in the - make-up of life - to be able to be AND go on being.
It appears, that "life" - is to live seperate of - how it be "by" - BUT NOT
seperate of - how it is able to be.

How "life" is able to be, appears to be, a "force" in motion.
This "force-in-motion" appears to be - disassociated - with life being.
We either manage to live on - OR - in failing to do so - eventually expire.
However: life being, doesn't outright, end with us.
Life being, isn't dependant, upon us, to be.

Where is, such awareness, of life being?
Life, as it now is, is "known" to be, away from - a natural - state of being.

more posts to come.....

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