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Default Re: "LIFE" "inside" account:

How did life, as it developes about, go off-course:

Historically, life, that we have, descended from:
was at one time, closer to, the beginnings and goings on - of life being.

Now-a-days, we are well away from, such connection, to being.

What happened?:

Mostly, what happened, was:
a long time ago, our ancestor(s), opted away from, life out there being,
and saught to go their own way - instead.
Unknown why, actually, but did.
Possibly - out there, already were - could have been - away from -
closer to things being - at that time, even.

For some reason, life as it was, was wanted - to be - away from.
From this side of things, where we now are, that would be -
our common "ancestor(s)" - in it all.

Going - away from the fold - was not with, blessings.
"Good luck/best wishes" - does not appear to be, what was behind it all.

Needless to say, from our common ancestor(s) and on, this side of things,
is not faring very well, to date.
As far as things being, go.

However, this is where, I (this poster), sees life as it now is, as being.
Not of and by myself, however, that I see it this way.
I have been - heavily - induced - to see things - the way I do.
I see myself, as having been, artificially induced, to come about to be,
by "man-made" efforts, from the "outside" world.

What I speak of, encompasses - existence, from present-day through
"all-time", however, what goes on with me, does not really, go the world over.
What goes on with me, most likely, is limited, to my immediate vicinity.
I expect, there are others, in other local areas, in the world as well.
Those of us, from this - present-day world, are unknown to each other.

Everything that has gone on with me, has gone on - up close and personal -
which takes it away from, the world over.
Putting it to - a localized occurence - that could be happening -
in other localized areas - of the world.

What I write of, is from, the view-point, I have.

more posts to come....
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