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Default Re: "LIFE" "inside" account:

There are no "real details" of unknown history, to go by:
so, it gets "pieced" together, from inside......

"Gods" are seemingly known as, Creators of life.
In my view: "Gods" are an - after the fact.
My definition of a "God" would be:
an all-encompassing, mind-being, of some kind.
Currently, it looks like, life as it now is, is "lorded-over", by these beings.

There appears to be, more than one. Unknown, how many.

These Gods and other beings (not all call themselves "God"),
seem to currently "co-exist" by - standing off, to each other.
They are more at odds with each other, than together about things.
However, they hold their own, in the face of each other.
(as far as "themselves" go)

These "Gods and other beings", seem to have, a lack of interest,
in "life" getting "arighted" in itself.
They seemingly, would prefer to carry on, without "life" surfacing.
We humans, are where, life appears to, be set, to resurface.
"Gods and other beings" appear to be "captors" of us humans;
intent on keeping "life" from developing about.

These "Gods and other beings" want us to be, (for their reasons),
but don't want us to develope about in ourselves as ourselves.
Lots of people around, develope about to outside of themselves.
There are still some, however, bent on developing about as themselves.
Few in number, now-a-days, and faced with an "uphill" battle.
These "few", appear to be, at the losing end of things.

The established way of everything around, is heralding itself as -
got it all over - anything getting to become "naturalized" to itself.

Supposedly, you be you, was to be "eradicated" once and for all.
However: not all is lost and the tide is turning, from such final outcome.

The few of us around - do not represent the many.
The many, however, do not necessarily represent, a lost-out conclusion.
The many, appear to be, alignable - either way, things go.

The few, around still, are the ones - that can - go it alone.
The many, are in need of assistance of the few, to benefit from.
No assistance is forthcoming, anytime soon.
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