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Default I Am A Dark Lord of The Sith

Greetings. My name is Darth Leviathan, and I am a Sith. We do exist and always have.

The Sith have a long record-we have been called by various names. Adolf Hitler was a Sith, as was Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and others. No matter what "religion" we call ourselves, in the end we are all devotees of the Dark Side.
We had great hopes for Hitler. Alas, he failed. But that is all right, we have a lot of time and eventually one of us will rise to the top.
You see, we go under many names. Some of us are Democrats-some are Republicans. Some are Socailists-some are not. Power and the full satiation of all our passions is are goal.
The first Sith was an individual names Cain. Cain slew his brother which was right-the weak deserve to die, for weakness is the ultimate sin. Later, the Annunaki and others taught us the "Dark Arts"-basically ways to interface with the Dark Side of the Force ( or Satan, Angri Manyu/Shaitan, e.t.c).
Eventually we will conquer you. You are weak minded idealists, weaklings who are led by the nose very easily.
I laugh when I consider how we control both parties. No matter how you votte, WE will be in control (NOT YOU!).


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