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Default Re: "LIFE" "inside" account:

Lets focus on "purpose" and list out what is wrong with the CURRENT system (ie our outdated monetary system, our government system, our Corporate system and our school system). Most of these are "broken" to some extend and getting worse.

The current system seems to seek individual wealth as the target. Some chase "religious aspirations" as their target. Many just wanted to be happy and have a normal life.
So how much of collective individual targets are for humanity's progress ?. Don't start by saying religion is it because most know by now it ain't.
Are we to expect that some scientific groups are doing this ?. Most if not all, are tainted by money-manipulation etc, so pretty useless.

So question would be "What would it take to change our system to a better system "?. Can humanity do it on our own ?. If not, what help do we need ?.
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