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Default Re: "LIFE" "inside" account:

The "general atomosphere" around, is like - people of the world -
is where - everything is. When it comes to one another. (?)

There is evidence, all around however, that there is more than just us.
This "evidence" cannot be seen, but - it can be "realized" in ourself.
You won't see it, if you look away from yourself.
You will see it, if you see yourself in yourself.

Our conscious existence, is what we are "functioning" from, anymore.
There is more to "ourself", than - the conscious mind - would have it at.

In addition to our conscious mind - is where we are "controlled" from by others

Our conscious selves are not wanted to be at the "helm" in ourselves.

Incorporating into our conscious existence - appears to be - the way to go.

Places for - all out there are - can be found - in the conscious individual.
Seeing everything in perspective, houses everything.
Is one thing at a time way, not all at once.
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