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Default Re: I always hear that a 'moral society' is not easily dominated.. can someone elabor

With good morals, one must also have accountability, responsibility and discipline.

As you state the example of a corrupt politician, if the constituency does not hold the person accountable to those immoral acts, he can stay in that position unless some body remove the person by force.

The again, if the person has allies with very strong weapons/technologies to over-power the community, then they will get dominated. Our biggest problem in human-kind has been that the majority of people does not "get" the right morality/responsibility/accountability/disciple when we reach a certain age. Our society would not be this way, if hypothetically every human "gets it" when they are 18 years old.
We all grow and learn fairly differently such that in our early years, we are very gullible to all sorts of wrong influences. Thanks goodness the majority of people are not violent!.
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