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Default Re: Health Insurance Reform

So, the Health Bill passed.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, it certainly wasn't a total reform unless someone can inform me that the poor people in our country who cannot afford health insurance have been provided for in this bill.

Here are a few of the highlights.

(1) It provides immediate access to insurance coverage for people who are considered "high risks" due to pre-existing conditions.

Wonder what those premiums might be?

Was a cap imposed?

(2) Would bar insurers from denying people coverage when they get sick and from denying children coverage with pre-existing conditions.


So, it's NOT okay for health insurance companies to deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, but it's okay to do so for adults because, clearly, this is whom they are referring to in number (1) above as they use the word "people" and in number (2) above, they use the word "children."

Therefore, the reason for the separate language.

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