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Default Re: The new world of government spirituality that the masses will love that me your referring to?? lol. Yeah, I believe i am, ahem, we are Others believe it too?? Yet to meet even one!! So?? Spiritual evolving and quell your anger?? I can only dream of the possibilities. Sounds like Ghandi. A true prophet of our times. Bruce Lee even...dee art o' fyteen weedout fyteen'.

Originally Posted by slavesociety View Post
Cass Sunstien (the information czar for Barack Obama)
Cass, is that you??

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Keep an eye out in those forums and chatrooms for these people and let us ensure that this site a true home for all of us to appreciate.
Who the hell are you to warn everyone and hide behind these forums as if it were your home???? I think you're hilarious, if you weren't so disturbing.
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